Council urged to drop 'unfair' trade waste fines

Wirral Council has been urged to 'get off the backs' of traders and small businesses in the Borough, after a stream of complaints about unfair charges and fines being imposed by their chosen contractor, Kingdom.  An online petition against the fines has also been launched by Councillor Paul Hayes (see below)

The call follows traders in Seabank Road, New Brighton being hit by the 'heavy handed' Kingdom Enforcement Squad as reported in this week's Wirral Globe.

Since then, traders and shopkeepers in Wallasey Village have contacted their local Conservative Councillors to say the same thing is now happening to them.

Councillor Paul Hayes said: "While some traders had formal arrangements in place to have their business waste collected, others, especially those who produce minimal amounts of waste, had other informal ways of dealing with it – including sharing with other traders or taking it home.  We understand that, late last year, the Town Hall gave Kingdom the powers to enforce the need for trade waste to be collected. 

"However, we are very dissatisfied that, having only written to many shops and businesses in December, Kingdom’s Enforcement Officers are now demanding proof of waste contracts for the whole of 2018 – ie 11 months before many businesses were told they need to make arrangements.  This is blatantly unfair and, at a time when many traders are struggling with rising overheads and reduced business, the penalty fines of £300 or more are unjustified."

Councillor Hayes has written to the Cabinet Member responsible for this (see letter below).  While a response not yet been received, Councillor Hayes, Ian Lewis and Lesley Rennie are asking traders to send them copies of any correspondence or penalty notices that they receive so they can take this up and seek to have them scrapped and to sign this petition:



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