Time to scrap the Wirral View

Conservative Councillors in Wirral are stepping up their campaign to scrap Wirral View, and put the money into school crossing patrols instead.

The budget, passed by Labour Councillors on Monday, includes a further £140,000 to be spent on the controversial newspaper.

Now, Conservatives are circulating cards for residents to display, telling the Council not to deliver the paper to their homes.

Councillors Wendy Clements and Lesley Rennie have also submitted a motion for the next council meeting on 19th March, calling for the March edition to be the last.

The first person to sign up for the new campaign was Greasby resident, Iain Lindsay, pictured here receiving his card from Wendy.

Wendy said: "The £254,000 that has been spent so far, along with the £140,000 that is planned for the next year, is money that could have made a real difference to the lives of people in Wirral.  Instead, it's being wasted on this failing newspaper.

"We know that many people are still not receiving it while others don't want it.  It's time the Leader of the Council did the decent thing and admitted the whole project has been an absolute waste of money and not spend another penny on it."

The window cards produced by the Conservative Councillors are available to anyone who signs the petition (below) against the Wirral View.


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