Say 'No' to Wirral Labour's Promenade Parking Charges

Promenades and coastal locations around Wirral are being targeted by Town Hall bosses to raise £245,000 in new parking charges. 

The plan, announced on 18th December by the Leader of the Council, will see parking meters installed on some of Wirral's most popular locations, and comes in the same week that parking meters were finally installed in the Borough's Country Parks, including:

  • North Parade, between Hoylake and Meols
  • South Parade, West Kirby
  • Derby Pool, Wallasey
  • Kings Parade, Wallasey
  • Gunsite, Wallasey
  • Leasowe Lighthouse

Wirral's Conservative Councillors believe that instead of raising money from these new parking charges, the Town Hall should reduce the amount spent on consultants. 

In the last year alone, Wirral Council has spent £2 million on consultants, paying daily rates of up to £1,000. 

One of the projects commissioned from consultants was a review of the Borough's leisure services - including many of our tourist sites - costing £237,000.

We need your help to oppose these parking charges.  Complete the petition below and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. 

Please note for this petition to be valid, only people who are registered to vote in Wirral can take part.