Our Plan for a better Wirral

Wirral Council spends almost £800 million a year - that's money raised from Council Tax, Business Rates, car parking charges and other fees as well as grants from the Government.  Here's seven things we'll do to make life better for our Borough.

1. Make better use of the Council's £800 million budget:

We will ban Wirral Council lending your money to other councils and end Labour's obsession with Birkenhead. We will grow our economy by creating new businesses and jobs.

2. Scrap plans to build on the Green Belt:

We will develop brownfield sites instead and do more to bring 6,000 empty homes in Wirral back into use.

3. Reduce spending on Directors' salaries and and consultants:

We will cut the £2.6 million a year that Labour is spending on consultants and we will stop recruiting directors paid more than the Prime Minister.

4. Abolish Labour's parking charges:

Our country parks and coastal areas will, once again, be free for everyone and we will reintroduce 'free after 3' in our shopping areas.

5. Scrap the Wirral View newspaper:

The £254,000 Labour spends on their newspaper will be used, instead, to reintroduce school crossing patrols.

6. Stop the £1.5 million on food waste bins:

We will focus instead on reducing the amount of waste, including single use plastics and packaging.

7. Protect our libraries and leisure centres:

We will scrap Labour's review of these services and guarantee that no library or leisure centre will be closed.