World Cancer Day 2018: more investment in cancer treatment

Thanks to improved NHS cancer care, more than two thousand more people were able to enjoy last Christmas with their families. Survival rates have never been higher and the gap between the best and the worst areas is also closing.

The latest figures released by Wirral Council and the NHS show that the total number of deaths from cancer in the borough has fallen from 1,515 in 2002-04 to 1,375.

Areas with historically lower survival rates are closing or have caught up with average survival, highlighting that work to improve cancer care is making a real difference to patients, according to figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

New reports also show more people with lung and bowel cancer are having successful surgery and living longer. For men with prostate cancer, the news is also good, with less undergoing radical prostatectomy or receiving unnecessary treatment.

The extra investment in our NHS by the Conservatives is making a big difference to the way in which cancer is treated: