Wirral special schools unable to meet demand after Lyndale closure, says new report

Eighteen months after Wirral’s Labour Cabinet voted to close the Lyndale Special School in Eastham, a review has now concluded there are not enough places in the Borough’s remaining special schools to meet the needs of children and parents.
The review, presented to the Wirral Schools Forum this week, warns that: ‘Special schools in Wirral cannot collectively meet the needs or the demands of all Wirral children with special education needs at the current time, as nearly all schools are at capacity.’
In a further development, Ofsted inspectors are today visiting the Borough to look into how children with special needs are supported.
Councillor Paul Hayes said: “Once again, parents of children with special needs are telling this Council ‘we told you so’.  Those of us who fought to save Lyndale School knew there were insufficient places to meet the needs of all children and, sadly, this review has confirmed our worst fears.  The Town Hall is already flogging off the site of the Lyndale School so the question for the Cabinet Member is what is she going to do to get us out of this mess?”


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