Wallasey put first for new street lights

After a three year campaign by local councillors, the new streetlight programme is finally underway and communities in Wallasey are top of the list.

Problems with faulty, damaged and poor quality street lights have been one of the top issues raised with Conservative Councillors by residents and, following questions at almost every council meeting, the Town Hall approached the Government for extra cash. 

Around £5 million was received for new street lights, using LED technology - helping to reduce energy consumption. 

Councillor Ian Lewis said: "After numerous meetings with Highways Directors and managers, as well as questions in council meetings, it's good news for Wallasey that the new street lights are finally being installed."

The works have been split into two programmes - one for new LED light units only and another to replace damaged or faulty columns as well as lanterns.  Click on the links below for the full, Wirral-wide schedules.



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LED lantern programme 182.92 KB
LED and column programme 186.13 KB

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