Use your vote to send a message to Cllr. Phil Davies and the Labour Council

Voters across the 22 local 'wards' in Wirral will be choosing their councillors on Thursday 3rd May and there are Conservative Candidates in all seats.  

The last 12 months has seen a massive £2.6 million spent on management consultants, with a further £1.4 million spent on senior directors.  At the same time, Labour has been spending money on the controversial plans for a 'Hoylake Golf Resort', the failing Wirral View newspaper and wants to spend between £1.5-3 million introducing food waste bins to every home.

Conservatives have pledged to tackle this waste and use the money saved on the things that matter most, including more school crossing patrols.  You can read more on our plan here

Councillor Ian Lewis, Leader of the Conservative Councillors, said: "It's clear that Labour Councillors are out of touch with public opinion on these issues and, increasingly, at odds even with their own Party Leader. 

"The elections on 3rd May are an opportunity for every voter in Wirral to send a message that this waste must stop.  

"Every Conservative Candidate across Wirral, from Egremont to Eastham and from Greasby to Gayton, is signed up to cutting the money spent on consultants and the Wirral View, protecting our Green Belt and making Wirral a council that works for everyone." 

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Among the seats to watch are:

  • Birkenhead and Tranmere where the Borough's only Green Party Councillor is defending his seat
  • Liscard where the Labour Councillor behind the Council's finances is seeking another four years
  • Pensby & Thingwall where the Labour councillor suspended for breaking the Council's Code of Conduct is not seeking re-election