Location of new parking meters to be revealed

Details of where new coastal parking meters are to be installed are set to be revealed in a Town hall 'consultation' starting on 16th May.

The plan is for parking meters at coastal areas, including promenades, at Moreton, Wallasey, Hoylake, Meols and West Kirby.

Councillor Bruce Berry said: "It seems the Labour Council is proceeding with plans for these charges, before a single vote in the council elections has even been cast. 

"If they aren't going to listen to the voters, what confidence can we have that they'll listen to any views given in the consultation two weeks later?"

"The impact of parking charges at our coastal areas and promenades will have exactly the same effect as Labour's parking charges in shopping areas and country parks - they'll drive people away.  Many of the small businesses in these areas, as well as attractions such as Leasowe Lighthouse, will suffer the consequences.

"Instead of the £250,000 they want to make from these charges, the Town Hall should cut the money they are wasting on management consultants."