Labour forced to scrap plans for parking charges

Following a massive public outcry, Wirral's Labour Leader has scrapped his cabinet's plans for coastal parking charges in the Borough.

Cllr. Davies finally acted after residents, Conservative Councillors and even members of his own Party said the plan was a mistake.

On Friday, the latest stage of the campaign saw the Borough's Conservatives submit a formal request, to be voted on at the next Council meeting on Monday 9th July, calling on the Leader of the Council to reject the plan.

Councillor Ian Lewis said: “For the second time in less than two years, Cllr. Davies has been forced to scrap plans for parking charges put forward by his own cabinet. 

"While there will be thousands of residents who will be relieved that he has finally acted, there are now questions as to why Cllr. Davies ever allowed this latest scheme to get this far. 

"The position of his Cabinet Member for Highways is also now in question, as are the parking charges in our country parks – if Cllr. Davies is to be consistent, both must go.”

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