Housing Secretary slaps down Town Hall targets claim

The Secretary of State for Housing has slapped down Town Hall claims that revised population figures for Wirral mean there is a higher target for housebuilding in the Borough.

Following enquiries from the opposition Conservative Group, Secretary of State James Brokenshire MP replied stating: “I would emphasise that a housing need figure is not a target”.

Councillor Lesley Rennie said: “The letter from the Secretary of State makes it clear that projected housing needs are not a target that the Council must aim for. 

"This puts the responsibility firmly back on the desk of the Council Leader – Councillor Davies can’t keep blaming others and shirking his responsibility to produce a Local Plan that delivers the homes that people need, while protecting the green and open spaces of Wirral.”

Councillor Rennie added: “Presumably the Leader of the Council had a similar response to us – after he wrote to the Secretary of State on the same issue in September – strangely, he has chosen not to share that response.  He now has no excuse other than to scrap his plans to build luxury houses on Green Belt at Hoylake.”

See attached letter:


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