FACT CHECK: Council Chief Exec slaps down Labour's claims to have 'saved' 22 Green Belt sites

Claims of a secret Town Hall report that has 'saved' 22 of Wirral's Green Belt sites have today been slapped down after an extraordinary intervention by the Council's Chief Executive.

On Monday, Labour 'welcomed' an alleged leaked report that said sites which they had said were at risk had, after their intervention, been saved.

Within 24 hours the claims had unravelled.  Following the 'leaked' report being reported by some of the local media, Conservative Councillors and Green Belt campaigners asked the Chief Executive for a copy of the report and the facts behind it.

The Chief Executive then emailed all councillors, making it clear there was no 'secret report' and all the sites which had been subject to consultation for development were still available, subject to a future decision of the Council.

Here's Eric Robinson's email to councillors:

Dear Councillor

You may be aware of press articles in relation to the allocation of green belt sites as part of our Local Plan.

I want to take this opportunity to clarify the Council’s position in respect of the current status of our Local Plan. 

The following statement has gone out to local media and some have subsequently removed the article from their websites.

“A spokesperson for Wirral Council said: “Wirral Local Plan process remains ongoing. The full list of Green Belt sites identified for potential release was agreed at Cabinet in July 2018.  This list went out to public consultation and remains unchanged and no sites have been removed from the list.  Any decision to amend the list of sites will be taken by Wirral's Full Council in due course. We actively encourage all consultees and residents to take part in future consultations on the Local Plan.”

Just to remind Members that the Local Plan process is ongoing and we will keep all Councillors fully briefed and involved as the Plan develops over the coming months.

I trust this clarifies the situation.

Kind regards

Eric Robinson
Chief Executive
Wirral Council


The Wirral Globe has reported on the story, including Labour's now disproven claims and the comments by the Chief Executive and the Leader of the Conservative Councillors today.  Read that article here


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