Councillor calls for Safer Streets bid after 300 burglaries in a Wirral town

A Wallasey Councillor is calling for a share of a new ‘Safer Streets Fund’ to be spent in the town, after new figures revealed more than 300 burglaries were reported there in 2019 via the website.
The Safer Streets Fund will open this week for bids from police and crime commissioners (PCCs) to fund initiatives aimed at reducing burglaries and theft.
The new £25 million fund is specifically designed for areas that need to tackle theft, robbery and burglary – known as acquisitive crimes.
Councillor Lesley Rennie, a former police officer in Wallasey, said: “With 309 burglaries, and a further 47 reports of bike theft in 2019, I would hope Commissioner Kennedy will agree Wallasey must be a priority for action.
“I have written to the Commissioner offering to work with her to come up a with a bid for cash that could be used to help reduce burglaries in our town, whether through improved lighting, more modern locks on doors or alleygates.”
Policing Minister, Kit Malthouse MP added: “We are determined to cut crime and make our streets safer. That’s why we are backing the police with more resources and recruiting 20,000 new officers.
“This fund will help prevent people falling victim to crimes which can have a real impact on a community, like burglaries or theft.”
The Home Officer is advising Police and Crime Commissioners, in formulating bids, to work closely with local partners to identify those measures that are most likely to make communities safer.
The money could also be used for other types of crime prevention, such as training community wardens, and delivering local crime prevention advice to residents or Neighbourhood Watch schemes.
Successful areas will receive grants of up to £550,000.
The Safer Streets Fund forms part of the government’s concerted action to tackle crime. On Wednesday 22 January the Home Office announced the biggest increase in funding for the police system in a decade with work to recruit an extra 200 police officers in Merseyside already underway.

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