Conservative councillors call for coastal areas to be kept for 'the many, not the few'

Wirral’s Conservatives are calling for all councillors to reject the introduction of coastal parking charges when they next meet on 9th July.

The Town Hall’s consultation closed on Friday and opposition to the charges has seen residents and local businesses oppose the plans, at a public meeting in Hoylake and a demonstration in West Kirby.

Now, local councillors David Elderton and Gerry Ellis are asking all councillors to give a clear instruction to the Leader of the Council to call a halt to the charges.

Cllr. Elderton said: “In this magnificent weather we are seeing our beautiful coastal areas at their best – with thousands of visitors making the most of our clean beaches, promenades and local attractions. 

"Labour’s plans are a threat to the popularity of our coast and will damage local businesses and see jobs lost. 

“To expect people living on or near the promenades to pay £20 per night simply to park their cars near their homes is outrageous.

“We’ve seen the impact their charges have had already in our country parks – they’re empty.”

The Conservative call includes the objections published by members of the Labour Party.

Cllr. Ellis added: “Labour thinks their charges will raise £250,000.  They’ll be lucky – their figures are guesswork. 

"Even Labour Party members disagree with their Leader’s plan – it’s time Phil Davies admits he’s got it wrong. 

"If they need £250,000, they can stop wasting money on the Golf Resort nonsense.”


The Conservative motion to the full council on 9th July states:

Council believes the introduction of car parking charges at Wirral’s coastal areas and promenades, following the introduction of charges in our country parks:

  • Will bring in relatively small amounts of money
  • Will have a health and happiness cost, by discouraging residents from using green spaces and the beaches
  • Will disproportionately impact on poorer residents, for whom access to the country parks and beaches is a relatively cheap activity, and for whom travel on public transport with children and associated equipment will be more expensive and inconvenient

Council also notes the views of Members in the Wards affected by the proposals for coastal parking charges (Wallasey, Hoylake & Meols and West Kirby & Thurstaston) who have highlighted the potential impact on small and medium sized businesses reliant on visitor and tourist trade.

Council therefore requests the Leader of the Council, when considering the results of the consultation to coastal parking charges, including the public meeting and protest march, to reject the proposal for coastal parking charges. 

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