Clean up costs at Upton Meadow revealed

The costs of clearing up the mess left behind by travellers at Upton Meadow last summer have been revealed - the Woodland Trust spent a record £5,945 removing the rubbish and filth left behind at the popular location.  This was the most expensive clean up by the Trust in 2017.  The figures were published this week by the Wirral Globe

The Trust, which is a national charity, was forced to apply for a court order to get the travellers moved from the site and then pay to clean up what was left behind including building materials and human waste.

Councillor Wendy Clements, who led the efforts to have the travellers evicted, said: "The costs of this clean up have been met by a charity - their money should have been used to protect and improve our precious woodlands. Instead, it went on the costs of dealing with mindless damage caused by a few people who have little or no concern for the mess they left behind."

Since the eviction, Wendy has worked with the Trust and the Council to improve security at Upton Meadow.