Calls for British Gas to reinstate 200 paypoints for pre-payment customers in Wirral

Energy supplied British Gas is facing calls to reinstate more than 200 paypoints for Wirral customers with prepayment meters.

The call follows the company’s decision to axe a contract that enabled British Gas customers to top up their energy wherever there was a PayPoint terminal – often in local newsagents and corner shops.

The company’s move means that, across the UK, there are now 5,000 fewer places where customers can pay for the energy and power.

Wirral’s Conservative Councillors have written to the Chief Executive of British Gas, Sarwijit Sambhi, calling for an urgent rethink.

Councillor Ian Lewis said: “One of the reasons why PayPoint grew in popularity was because of the closure of so many local post offices by the last government.  

“For British Gas to remove yet another payment option for some of their most vulnerable customers will make it more difficult for them to pay for their fuel and power.  This is backward step by that company that will cause difficulty for many of their most vulnerable customers.

“PayPoint enables customers to pay for many of their bills in one place, whether gas, electric, TV licence, water and even Council Tax.  British Gas needs to reconsider this decision.”

A copy of the letter signed by the Conservative Councillors is below.


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