Save Wirral's Green Belt

On 12 November 2018, Wirral's Labour Cabinet held a secret meeting with senior directors.  Against each of the 50 possible Green Belt sites at risk, Labour councillors were asked whether they would 'reject' building on them, or 'accept' building on them.  The results of that meeting were presented back to the Cabinet, again in secret, a week later.  

Wirral's Conservative Councillors learned of these secret meetings and obtained a copy of the presentation after requests to the Chief Executive.  We believe you have a right to know the sites that Labour has 'accepted' for development - you can see the presentation for yourself by clicking on this link.

There is only one way to stop this: make sure Labour doesn't have outright control of our Council on 2nd May.  Every vote for the local Conservatives is a vote to save Wirral's Green Belt.

Our Plan:  

Wirral's Conservatives Councillors will bring more of the 6,000 empty homes back into use and we'll produce a Local Plan that works for Wirral, protecting our precious Green Belt while encouraging development in the urban areas, including Wirral Waters.

So far, Wirral's Conservative Councillors have:

  • Opposed Labour's plans to build on our Green Belt, including the 'Hoylake Golf Resort' and Saughall Massie
  • Argued for a Local Plan to protect our Borough
  • Called for developers to be directed to the urban areas
  • Organised public meetings for residents to find out more

Nationally, we have:

  • Introduced stronger protections for the Green Belt
  • Scrapped Labour's Regional Planning Strategies
  • Asked for councils to give their views on housing targets (Wirral's Labour Council never responded)
  • Taken action against councils that have failed to produce a Local Plan


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Town Hall urged to drop Green Belt development

Following news that lower population growth has reduced the threat to Wirral’s Green Belt, councillors will be asked to drop plans for luxury homes on land in Hoylake.

Developers urged to 'get the message' on Green Belt site

Plans to build on a Green Belt site between Meols and Moreton have been thrown out by the Planning Inspector, following a campaign by local councillors and residents.

The site of the former Garden Hey Nurseries on Garden Hey Road is part of the Green belt between Meols and Moreton. 

Update on the campaign to save Wirral's Green Belt

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with additional information, following the various concerns that have been raised now that Wirral Council is, finally, preparing a Local Plan.

Residents lobby councillors to save Wirral's Green Belt

Ahead of an extraordinary Council meeting on Monday called by the Borough’s 21 Conservative Councillors, ‘hundreds’ of emails have been received says Cllr. David Burgess-Joyce (Conservative, Greasby, Frankby & Irby Ward)

Residents fight to save local wildlife habitat

Residents and local councillors are set to oppose a planning application which could see the building of two homes on a former market garden site in Wallasey which resident’s say is the home of a local bat population.

Council 'gives away' Green Belt

The site of the controversial fire station in Saughall Massie’s Green Belt will be ‘given away’ by Wirral Council in a deal that will see no benefit for the ‘cash strapped’ authority, other than one peppercorn rent a year for 150 years.