Council votes against the Dog Ban Plan: tell Cllr. Anita Leech to drop it

Following a massive campaign against the Town Hall's Plan to ban dogs from 140 locations, the Council's Environment Committee voted against the Plan on 15th January.  You can read more about that meeting in the Wirral Globe here

The next stage will see the Cabinet of 10 Labour councillors decide whether to accept the Committee's recommendations to drop the Plan or to carry on with it and ban dogs from Spring 2019.  

If you want the Cabinet to listen to the views of the residents of Wirral and accept the Committee's recommendations, sign our petition below.  

We'll then send it to the Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr. Anita Leech.  In the meantime, we have written to Cllr. Leech urging her to drop the plan immediately - see attached letter below:


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Tell Cllr. Anita Leech to drop the Dog Ban Plan

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