Update on action at The Dips

Following widespread problems around the Dips on 30/31 May, many residents contacted Councillors Ian Lewis, Lesley Rennie and Paul Hayes with requests for help to avoid a repeat in the weeks ahead.

Your councillors have held two meetings with Council Directors and the following Action Plan is being implemented. Residents who have any comments or suggestions can contact Ian, Lesley or Paul.


Traffic Management coning has been placed on the central reservation along Kings Parade to prevent parking as this is particularly dangerous for pedestrians crossing the road.  

An experimental traffic regulation order for no waiting at any time and no loading (double yellow lines and double kerb blips) around all of the central reserve and roundabouts on Kings Parade and on the south side of Coastal Drive is now in force.

If exceptionally warm weather is forecast the Council can close Coastal Drive to traffic using the existing barrier at the Harrison Drive end. This will be reviewed weekly by Council managers.


Use of ‘Residents Only’ barrier signs at the junctions of Mockbeggar Drive, Mockbeggar Wharf, Tide Way, The Creek, Burbo Way, Smugglers Way, Sandcliffe Road, Bayswater Gardens, Asbury Road, Barmouth Road and Bangor Road will be incorporated in the traffic management arrangements, if exceptionally warm weather is forecast.


Additional large, red 'Eurobins' have been provided around the Dips as part of the wider programme around the Borough (see map below).

Biffa crews are providing additional cover to empty litter bins - twice a day.


Parking enforcement will be taking place across the area from now on. The experimental Traffic Regulation Order will provide far more clarity as to areas people cannot park – double yellow lines.

We have also asked for existing bye-laws used by the Council's Parks & Countryside Team to be reviewed to see if they can be applied to prevent vehicles driving onto the Dips.

The temporary traffic regulation order preventing overnight parking of camper vans is now permanent (see attached document below) following action over the last 12 months by Councillor Lesley Rennie and the council committee that reviewed the issue.

Requests for enforcement should be emailed to parking.engineer@wirral.gov.uk and this email address is regularly monitored. The officers will increase patrols once again as we head towards another period of nice weather and the summer holidays.


The Chief Executive has spoken to police regarding the possible use of Dispersal Orders. While the Police have advised that they will be using Dispersal Notices where necessary they have advised that they are a ‘specific’ tool which require using appropriately.

After the latest night of trouble (Thursday 25 June) when Merseyside Police appealed for parents to come and collect their kids, after one was attacked with a bottle, we are renewing our call for a Dispersal Zone.

Section 34 of the Anti-Social Behaviour & Policing Act 2014 gives police officers powers to direct people they suspect are causing or likely to cause crime, nuisance or anti-social behaviour to members of the public to leave a designated area for up to 48 hours.


The plan provides clarity that all information of COVID related behaviours/risks are reported preferably via email to the Control Room or the 24 Hr control room phone number: cctvcontrolroom@wirral.gov.uk  or the 24 hour emergency number 0151 666 5265

In addition to this the plan will have a dedicated Senior Officer on duty each weekend to oversee the weekend activity and to respond and act accordingly on areas of major risk.

Merseyside Police continue to patrol the area and we have also asked for the Council's CCTV cameras to be monitored in case of further incidents.


Residents who are not already receiving updates on the action being taken at the Dips are asked to email Councillor Ian Lewis ianlewis@wirral.gov.uk to receive future emails on this issue.



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Dips Dispersal Order

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