Have your say on Wirral Labour's Bin Plans

Since the Town Hall introduced a charge to collect 'garden waste' (the brown bin), the number of people taking part has dropped.  That has resulted in less waste being recycled overall.

The Town Hall is now considering plans that will require residents to put food waste in additional bins.  Wirral's Labour Council is looking to spend around £1.5 million on changing the current system.  They believe they have already consulted on this and have published the results here

Many people in this area have told us they have not been consulted.  That's why we are now carrying out our own survey.  Take part in the survey below and make sure you include your name, address and contact details.  We won't share this data with anyone but it will ensure your views are included when we come to ask questions at the next Council meeting.

As well as the survey, join in the conversation on our Facebook page here

Wirral Bins

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Do you support issuing residents with a food waste bin for the kitchen?
Do you support issuing residents with an additional wheelie bin for food waste?
Did you you support the original idea of reducing the collection of your green bin to every 3 weeks, which the Town Hall has now been forced to scrap?
Do you support issuing new, smaller green bins but retaining fortnightly collections?
Have you been asked for your views on these plans by the Council?
Do you receive the new Town Hall newspaper 'Wirral View'?