James Baker

MP candidate for Wallasey and Moreton
School governor and charity trustee

Ballot paperJames Baker is the new Conservative candidate for Wallasey and Moreton, hoping to reclaim the seat for the party and offer a fresh start as a new MP for the area.

He is a former barrister who has spent almost a decade advising major UK businesses on communications. James has advised some the country’s best known brands on sustainability, mergers and major deals across various business sectors.

James is a school governor, where he has seen first hand the need to properly fund our schools, as well as a trustee and mentor for a charity committed to social mobility in the PR industry.

As well as this, James has also been a champion of securing the drug Spinraza for those with SMA, a champion for The Disabled Children’s Partnership as well as Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK and supports charities such as War Child and the Kaleidoscope Trust.

In addition James is committed to social mobility, securing employment and local jobs, animal welfare and tackling climate change.

James’ priorities for Wallasey and Moreton include:

“I want James on the green benches behind me as one of our 2019 intake, because he’s a seasoned campaigner, a true Conservative and a champion of One Nation values. Wallasey would be lucky to have him as their MP.”

- Boris Johnson, Prime Minister




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