Town Hall urged to give extra protection to Ditton Nature Reserve

Wirral Council is being urged to give extra protection to Ditton Local Nature Reserve as part of its work to produce the long-awaited Local Plan for the Borough.

The nature reserve, between Reeds Lane, Ditton Lane and Pasture Road, is home to a vast array of wildlife and trees.  Although privately owned, the site is open to the public and is a valued part of the local community.

In the last 10 years, the owners have twice attempted to sell the site for development, most recently in July 2019.  

Following concerns from residents, local campaigner and Moreton resident Debbie Caplin launched a campaign to save it and 300 people gave the campaign their backing.  The sale was subsequently withdrawn.

Now, as the Town Hall finally starts work to produce a Local Plan, showing where houses can, and cannot, be built, Debbie is urging them to include Ditton Nature Reserve in the areas that must be protected,

Debbie said: "Had the Town Hall produced a Local Plan when they were supposed to, in 2004, Ditton Nature Reserve would never have been under threat.  I'm urging residents to take part in the Town hall's consultation to specifically state that this site must be protected."

To take part in the Town Hall's consultation click here or call into one of the 'pop in' events, including at Leasowe Millennium Centre on Tuesday 25 February between 12.30pm and 8pm.



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