Labour today is not the same party that your parents may have supported

In this video, David, a former Labour voter explains why, in December's election, he voted Conservative for the first time.

Here in the Wallasey constituency, we regularly meet people who still vote Labour nationally but who now support our work locally. 

If you think of yourself as a Labour voter, have a look at the video and see if you agree with David and join us here

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New figures have revealed that 520 new businesses have been set up in the Wallasey constituency since 2010 - creating more jobs and apprenticeships for local residents.

The figures, from the Office for National Statistics, show that the number has grown from 1,460 businesses based here in 2010 to 1,980 now.

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People in Wallasey with problem debt, including those facing mental health problems, will be helped by the government to get their finances under control, new figures released today show.

A 60-day breathing space period will see enforcement action from creditors halted and interest frozen for people with problem debt. During this period, individuals will receive professional debt advice to find a long-term solution to their financial difficulties.

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