Government Covid-19 cash for Wirral: £92.9 million (so far)

Cash from the Government for Wirral Council, so far, has hit £92.9 million since the start of 'lockdown' 10 weeks ago. Since then, your Conservative Councillors have worked with community groups, small businesses, residents, charities and council officers to make sure those most in need of help, get the help.

This includes:

£20.7 million of emergency funding that can be used in any way the council decides to combat the effects of the pandemic in the Borough. For example, your local Conservative Councillors ensured that some of this money was set aside to support children's nurseries who have been badly hit by the crisis but who will be key to our recovery - ensuring there are places available for when people return to work.

£63.5 million of support for shops and small businesses with grants of £10,000 or £25,000 paid into their accounts. We have contacted many shops and small businesses to make sure they were aware they could claim and have also ensured that a number of community-based organisations also received support.

£3.9 million for low income families was one of the first grants given to Wirral by the Government. This is being used to reduce the Council Tax of those who are in greatest need, including people who are self employed and have seen their incomes dry up. A 'hardship fund has also been set up using some of this money.

£4.7 million for infection control in our care homes was announced recently. 75% of this money must be paid direct to care homes in the Wirral to help them combat the infections - either with more personal protective equipment ('PPE') or more cleaning.  The other 25% will be used for infection control based on need including domiciliary care providers.